The Art of Hardware Architecture: Design Methods and Techniques for Digital Circuits (1st Edition)


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The World of Metastability Read online

Clock and Resets

Handling Multiple Clocks Read online

Clock Dividers Read online

Low Power Design Read online

The Art of Pipelining Read online

Handling Endianness Read online

Debouncing Techniques Read online

Design Guidelines for EMC performance Read online








About the Book

Describes techniques to help IP designers get it right the first time, creating designs optimized in terms of power, area and performance Focuses on practical aspects of chip design and minimizes theory Covers chip design in a consistent way, starting with basics and gradually developing advanced concepts, such as electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) design techniques and low-power design techniques such as dynamic voltage and frequency scaling (DVFS).

This book highlights the complex issues, tasks and skills that must be mastered by an IP designer, in order to design an optimized and robust digital circuit to solve a problem. The techniques and methodologies described can serve as a bridge between specifications that are known to the designer and RTL code that is final outcome, reducing significantly the time it takes to convert initial ideas and concepts into right-first-time silicon. Coverage focuses on real problems rather than theoretical concepts, with an emphasis on design techniques across various aspects of chip-design.

Book is available as a Printed Hardcover as well as eBook. Individual chapters can be purchased directly from Publisher and is available as a soft copy if one is only interested in specific topic/Chapter.


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Book Testimonials

“This is an unusual book in a number of respects. There are a lot of books out there that purport to talk about design techniques; but when you get right down to the “nitty-gritty”, many of them turn out to be largely theoretical in nature. By comparison, The Art of Hardware Architecture is firmly focused on describing and solving real-world problems using tried-and-true techniques”. Read full review.

– Clive Maxfield , Editor, EETIMES


“Overall good book which describes numerous design challenges and guidelines to be taken care for robust ASIC design. This book would provide good base for engineers working in frontend design who have just started in the industry and wanted to have holistic understanding of ASIC design”

– Yogesh Mittal, Verification Manager, Freescale

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